Gay Fantasy Come True

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I am still a virgin when it comes to being gay. The closest I have come to the real thing was having a guy suck me off. Here is a true account of one of the many times that I enjoyed my body. Then the fantasy kicks in.

I had built up the nerve to go to a porn shop and rent some gay porn. Most of what I saw was the usual fucking and sucking I had wanted to see. I had already blown out one hot load of juicy, sticky cum all over my chest when something came on the screen that blew my mind away. There was this guy who laid on his back, and then put his legs up and over so that his nine inch hammer of love was staring him right in the face. The guy bent over and I watched in amazement as his dick slipped into his mouth. This guy was actually sucking himself off!

I blew my next load seconds later sending one shot onto my shoulder and a whole bunch all over my chest. I knew that this was something that I had to try. I leaned against the couch and managed to get myself into the proper position. I tried to wrap my lips around my cock but I couldn’t reach. My five inches wasn’t enough. So here I was with a hard cock pointing straight at my face, what else could I do? I started to jerk myself imagining what it would feel like to be fucked in the ass and I was staring directly at my cock-head as it bounced and flopped around at my ever-increasing pace. I saw my balls being tossed around and that turned me on even more. It wasn’t long before I could feel my loins turn into fire, and the surge of sperm started to rush to the tip of my dick!!!

I held my mouth wide open and my tongue was sticking out waiting impatiently for the cum to splash down on it. Just as I came, I closed my eyes so that I wouldn’t get any in them and I felt the first shot land on my left cheek, and then two more globs fell into my mouth, more hot jism landed all over my face as I intentionally sprayed it all over my face and hair with what seemed to be an endless supply of natural glue.

When I recovered I got up and went to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I had cum all over my face, in my hair, and I opened my mouth to reveal two loads resting on my tongue!!

I closed my mouth, took a deep breath and watched my throat move as I swallowed not only for the first time, but my own cum to boot. I was ready to jerk off again just by swallowing.

I’ve heard people say cum tastes salty but I found that it really doesn’t. There really isn’t much taste at all, but let me tell you, I’m hooked. Either I swallow from now on or I don’t do it at all.

It startled me when the phone rang, it was the porn shop wanting their movies back. I told them that I would be right there. I put some clothes on and headed out the door. I went straight into the shop and I noticed that the other people in the store were staring at me.

I handed the movies to the clerk and I noticed that he was staring at me funny also. Then I realized what everyone was staring at. In my rush to get the movies back I forgot to wipe the cum from my face and hair and it had dried leaving very obvious stains on my face. I was so embarrassed that I thought I was going to die!!!

“There’s a washroom in the back to clean up,” the clerk told me. I rushed into the back and cleaned the fruits of my loins off of my face. I waited in the back until all of the customers had gone.

“You must have had quite the party tonight” said the clerk ” How about another one?” and he whipped out his already stiff penis.

“No way!” I told him, but the thought was slightly appealing and I could feel something else starting to stir as well. “Look, either you suck me off under this counter while I serve customers or I expose for the fag you are!”

I didn’t see what choice I had. “Where do you want me?” I said with my head down.

“Get under the counter and once you’ve sucked me dry I’ll let you go.”

I got on my knees and underneath the counter. His purple cock head was mere inches away from my mouth. I was excited and scared at the same time at what was going to happen.

“Ready” I said and opened my watering mouth. The clerk shoved himself into my mouth and I started to suck the first cock of my life!!! I could taste his sweat and reveled at having this dick resting on my tongue. I rolled my tongue around his head paying attention to the underside and I could hear him serving a customer and that made it even more exciting. I was sucking some guy off while he was selling porn to some other guy.

I decided to try and take all of his six inches, I tilted my head back and slowly pulled him into me. I could feel the head push past my throat and slide down my esophagus. Finally his pubic hair was all that I could see and I was getting those tasty pubes stuck in my teeth. I pulled all of the way back and then deep-throated him. Another customer was at the counter. I started to lick the shaft and applied a nice, warm, even pressure on the bottom of his hammer, this was obviously working because he let out a moan. The customer asked him if he was okay and the clerk told him that it was just heartburn. I deep-throated him again and I liked the feeling of a set of ball on my chin.

I decided that it was time for him to cum and I started to rock back and forth on him at a quick pace, applying as much soft, moist pressure as I could. It paid off. I felt it twitch once and then there was a shot that hit the back of my mouth, and another, and another. I swallowed as much and as fast as I could and I barely managed to keep up. I sucked him until his shaft started to soften, and he withdrew with a slurp coming from me.

I stared at his now soft dick and with a sense of pride.  I realized that I had just made another man cum!!! It was a good night!

“Damn, that was hot! How long have you been sucking cock?”

“This was my first time,” I told him.

“Well, how about you come over to my place after work so that we can fuck for awhile?”

“Give me your address and we will see what we can do,” and when I said that it started me on my way to a wonderful gay sex life.


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