Un-cutting Class

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As usual he woke up with a hard on. Andy felt his boxers press against his cock as he rolled over and looked at the alarm clock. He couldn’t resist humping his bed a few times while his brother was in the bathroom getting ready for his classes at the local college.

Andy thought about his brother’s hot body in the steamy bathroom and found himself having to resisting the urge to beat off. Besides, he had to pis, anyway.

Their parents were already at work so he dashed from his bed to the bathroom clad only in tent-poled boxers and swooped into the steamy bathroom while his brother was still in the shower.

He aimed his fully extended seven-inch prick at the bowl. This was always a difficult maneuver because his pis tended to go in two directions. One stream usually went into the bowl and the other onto the rim or the floor. But with his solid hard on the angle was especially difficult since he couldn’t push his dick was so hard he couldn’t push it down anyway.

Straining to get the right angle, Andy completed the firing solution. With such a boner it took a couple of minutes to push it all out. Amazingly, there wasn’t a drip in sight.

He congratulated himself on his success and went back to bed with his boner sticking out of his boxers. His brother shut off the shower just as Andy dived back in bed. As soon as his brother was out of the bathroom, Andy scampered from the covers to the bathroom with his boner leading the way. As usual, the water was only lukewarm, but the water didn’t bother him as long as he could shoot his load of cum onto the shower curtain.
Unfortunately, the water turned too cold for him to finished the job and he ran back to his bed to warm up.

That morning the commute to campus in his best friend Ben’s beat up old car was like any of a hundred other days, except that there was nothing much to say because college sucks in January. 

“Man I would love to skip classes today. I get so bored,” Ben lamented. Andy’s mind was already playing mental pictures of beating off after classes.

Lately classes provided six hours of torture for Andy, too. He really looked forward to three o’clock and going to Ben’s house to jerk off watching porn. They had been masturbating together for months. It all started one day when they found a stash of Penthouse in Ben’s basement.

“So, would you miss anything if we did skip class today,” Ben asked.

Andy looked down at his boner and said, “No, I’ll just have to get someone else’s notes.”

”Me too, I’m up for skipping if you are.” Ben looked down at his own boner and made a U-turn at the next light.

“Hey, my dad is out of town. We could go to his condo and see what he has in his closet.”

The two had been to the condo where Ben’s divorced father lived a couple of time before. “He has a great collection of porn.”

Andy was hornier than usual that day and he was aching to do something a little different. Neither Andy or Ben thought of themselves as being gay. The masturbating sessions were just guy fun. Sometimes there was a tinge of guilt right after spurting cum onto a tissue, but that quickly went away. They were both comfortable with their jackoff conspiracy.

“I am really, really, really horny today,” Andy said. “Let’s hurry!” Ben stepped on the gas.

Ben flipped the light switch and the guys walked into the quiet condominium. The sexual tension was building up quickly, and Andy’s anxious awareness of the next few hours was exploding in his head. Ben sensed that the impending sexual session would be more intense than ever in the past.

First Ben went to the kitchen and took two paper towels and two cokes from the fridge. Returning to the living room he set the items on the coffee table and then closed the blinds. His hands were shaking with anticipation.

Andy went to the bedroom closet and picked out a video called “3-Way”. He was excited and rushed back to the living room and put the movie in the VCR. Sitting on adjacent couches, both guys undid their jeans and slid them down to their ankles. Andy’s uncut cock popped out and a bubble of pre-cum formed on the head. His dick was a pink color and his foreskin cover his entire 7 inch cock, even when it was raging hard, like now.

Ben’s cock was a pale brown color and it was circumcised. Ben never seemed to mind that he was circumcised and never showed any curiosity about Andy’s foreskin. The two stroked their boners for a moment, then while the phone sex ads at the begining of the tape started playing, Andy had an inspiration.

“Do you mind if I sit over there?” At firs, Ben thought he wanted to switch places, but quick caught on and agreed. Andy took it one step further than usual by removing his shoes and pants. They had the entire day to play around, so he didn’t feel the time pressure they usually experienced in their jackoff sessions. Andy walked over and sat down next to Ben. There was a momentary tension because they had never been so close to each other, and now they were almost naked, too.

They both were unusually intoxicated with pleasure as they sat stroking their cocks. Andy sensed that Ben was also in ecstasy and decided it was OK to ask a personal question.

“Hey, Ben, did you ever fool around on a sleep over at another guy’s house?”

“Yeah, I did,” Ben responded, hesitantly. It was hard for him to admit it and he swallowed hard. While Ben was off guard, Andy took the opportunity to grab Ben’s cock.

He was rewarded with a huge gasp. Soon, he felt and the Ben’s slippery hand sliding up and down on his own on his dick and they moved closer, masturbating each other and stimulating each other’s balls. Pre-cum was pouring out of both of thier cocks making the lube Ben had found in the closet unnecessary. Soon they began exploring legs, belly, and ass with gentle touches and rubs. Ben suggested that they move to the floor, where the guys lay down next to each other, on their sides. Andy wrapped his slippery hand around both of their cocks and brought them together. The sensation of their dick heads rubbing together was a surprising revelation to both of them.

While Andy was putting Ben’s cock inside of his foreskin, Ben was lost in ecstacy. “Oh man that feels good,” Ben shouted.

Andy felt the momentum building in his groin and he knew he was on the road to a massive orgasm. Ben looked Andy in the eye and said, “Do you want to cum on me?”

“Yeah, if you cum on me,” Andy said. “Are you into this as much as me?” They aimed their cocks at each other and began pumping their cocks with one hand and caressing each other’s balls with the other hand. There was so much juicy pre-cum it was like having someone lick their balls while they jacked off. Watching each other beating their meat heightened the sensation and soon they were both shooting wads of cum. Ben shot his load on Andy’s chests, but Andy shot over Ben’s head several times and eventually put a load directly on his face.

The guys sat and laughing for several minutes. Andy apologized for shooting on his face, but Ben clearly didn’t care. They talked about the experience for several minutes.

“My Gawd, I never knew how great it would be to have a foreskin. That was amazing! And that load you shot was so awesome. Man, you blasted that wad clear over my head. It must have flown ten feet across the room, and at high altitude, too. You never shot like that before,” Ben said, excitedly.

“That was the best,” Andy said. “Next time, I want you to cum inside my foreskin. If you’re game, maybe some day when we’re really turned on, you can cum in my mouth!”

“I can’t wait for that,” Ben responded. “I hate to admit it, but I really liked the taste of your cum. I can’t miss class again, but Dad is still out of town this weekend. Maybe we can study together and shoot a couple of loads then? That foreskin trick is unbelievable. Got any more tricks? Besides, the day isn’t over, either and right now I’m in the mood to try almost anything.”

“You don’t think that was gay, do you?”

“Who cares,” Ben answered. “If being gay feels that good, call me gay. But really, we were just jacking off. I don’t think that’s being gay. I gotta admit, though, no chick ever made me feel that good.”

Ben and Andy cleaned up themselves and the amazing mess Andy made of the apartment when his wad of cum shot over Ben’s head. After they finished the cleanup, they sat down together and sipped their cokes, reminiscing about how good their jackoff session was. They both were waiting for another inspiration of horniness to strike.
After all, they still had the rest of the day.


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